Beyond Umami

Orginal Air Date: 08-03-17


Dur-Dur Band - Dooyo
T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - Minkou E So Non Moin

Alain Goraguer - Deshominisation (I)
Robert Lester Folsom - Written In Your Hair

Kim Chu Ja - What Am I Going To Do
Chad VanGaalen - Pine and Clover 

Pink Floyd - See Saw
Low - Dust On The Window
K-X-P - New World

Traveling Cattle Hospice

This week Charlie & Marius discuss goats, hot dogs, eternal life, john hinckley, acceptance, meats, and much more.

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Stereolab - Come Andy Play In The Milky Night
Pastor T.L. Barrett - Nobody Knows

Grateful Dead - High Time
Caribou - Bees

Francis The Great - Look up in the Sky

The Apostles - Don't Huzzle for Love

Eat Hole

Air date: 07/20/17
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Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Comes Tears)
Jonwayne - Heartstrings

Flamin' Groovies - Whiskey Woman

Kalei/dos/cope - Let Me Try
Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together

Isaac Hayes - Walk On By

Pink Floyd - Echoes

Rascal Pro

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Laurence Vanay - Le Bateau
The Soft Boys - Old Pervert

Love - I'm With You
The Wipers - Taking Too Long

Pastor T.L. Barrett - Like a Ship
Gang of Four - Paralysed

Spirit - The Other Song
The Three Degrees - Collage

Gary Newman - Films

The Yogurt Wars

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Arthur Lee - Everybody's Gotta live
Jimmy Carter and Dallas Country Green - A Night of Love

Alessi Brothers - Seabird
Vashti Bunyan - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
Bo Hansson - The Black Riders & Flight to the Ford
Air - Venus

Metalica - Master of Puppets

Herbie Hancock - Hidden Shadows

Back Baby

Charlie & Marius discuss parasites, science, medication, spices, teeth, the food chain, dipping and much more.

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Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak
Harumi - Hello

Canned Heat - Poor Moon
Roy Orbison - Crying

The Slits - Instant Hit
Laghonia - Someday
The Idle Race - Morning Sunshine
Tortoise - On Noble

Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms

Yes - Heart of the Sunrise

Emotional Plaque

Love In An Iron Lung

Charlie & Marius discuss alopecia, poetry, family, heart disease, the birds and the bees, nootropics, and much more.

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Laura Branigan - Gloria
Ween - Sarah

Ray Cathode - Waltz In Orbit
Nino Ferrer - Looking For You

Total Control - See More Glass
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Find Your Way

An Luu - Pourquoi tu me fous des coups?
Fairport Convention - Autopsy

Egyptian Lover - I Cry (Night After Night)

Divine Contraband

Charlie & Marius discuss disease, anarchy, coppin' a buzz, rumpus rooms, lawn care, moral quandaries, life coaching, vape boating, and much more.

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Anika - He Needs Me
Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore

ESG - Talk It
Patrick Cowley - Somebody To Love Tonight
Phil Cordell - Red Lady
Pere Ubu - Final Solution

Magazine - Definitive Glaze
Can - The Empress And The Ukraine King
Weyes Blood - Names Of Stars

Mariah - Shonen

Celebrity Dentistry

Charlie & Marius discuss recording the show, finding love, ham, rejection, ghosts, vouchers, and much more.
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The Egyptian Lover - Into The Future
Liquid Liquid - Scraper

John Beltran - Faux
Margo Guryan - Sun

Earlham Mystics - Stolen Hearts
Ariel Pink - Dayzed Inn Daydream

Manuel Gottsching - Echo Waves

Bologne Boys

Charlie & Marius discuss preparedness, organs, foreplay, mourning, ointment, meat fashion, business and much more. (air date 04/13/17)

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Debbie Deb - Funky Little Beat
Alisha - Baby Talk

Shannon - Give Me Tonight
Company B - Full Circle

Nocera - Summertime, Summertime

Chili Pit Of The Mind

Charlie & Marius discuss leather, digging, IKEA bathrooms, eggs, cruise ships, chili pits, punk rock, and much more.

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Cameo - Candy
Column - Sensuela

10cc - The Worst Band In The World
Blanck Mass - Lung

Robert Lester Fulstrom - April Suzanne
The Contortions - Bedroom Athlete

Genesis - The Musical Box

The Needs Of The Few

Charlie & Marius discuss partisanship, medicine, rashes, tasting emotions, dosing on acid, and much more.

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The Clone - Higher Authorities
Tropic Of Cancer - L.O.V.E. Feelings

Traxman - Footwork On Air
The Feelies - Gone, Gone, Gone

Syd Barrett - Dominoes
Mariah - Shonen

K. Leimer - All Sad Days

Hepatitis F

Charlie & Marius discuss hotdogs, blood diseases, bathtime, theology, meat, classical music, celebs, street drugs, prog rock and much more.

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Kim Jung Mi - Your Dream
Dungen - Jakten genom skogen

Polvo - Exploded Drawing

Antena - Camino del Sol
Depeche Mode - Cover Me - Alt Out

Yes - The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)

Doing Wormies

Charlie and Marius discuss their new Patreon campaign, speaking, erotic fan fiction, gene pools, wormies, cinema history, musical concerts, funerals, and much more.

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Cluster - Es War Einmal
Helvetia - Whatever, Nano

Bernard Fevre - Out of Dark
HTRK - Give it Up

Antonio Sanches - Pinta Manta
Chrisma - Thank You

Amon Duul II - Kanaan

The Vat & The Spigot

Charlie & Marius discuss meat, fabric, hot dog eating contests, the CRAM pyramid, rebranding, Monsanto as religion, running a small business, and much more.
(air date 01-12-17)

The Electric Prunes - The Adoration
Mamman Sani - Samari Da Yan Matan

Bruce Haack - Rita
Wax Stag - Night Trek

Kevin Ayers - May I?
Marvin Pontiac - Power

Ultimate Spinach - Ego Trip

Inner Rash

Charlie & Marius discuss online communities, hotel promotions, pig's blood, pedicures, wellbutrin, U-Bake meatloaf, The Doors, and much more.
(air date 01-05-17)

The Electric Prunes - Holy Are You
Doug Hream Blunt - Fly Guy

Harmonia - Watussi
Palm - Crank

R. Stevie Moore - Pow Wow
Anna Domino - Trust, In Love

Neu! - Für Immer