This Week's Episode - "Sex Act"

This week Charlie and Marius take pizza orders and discuss essential oils, shrimp riots, Taco Bell, designer drugs, Nancy Reagan, D.A.R.E, Tinder, sex moves, love advice, Ted Cruz and much more.

Song List:

Ceephax acid crew - Sidney's sizzler

Richard attree - artwork

Fantastic Palace - universe 

Fantastic Palace - life's orchestration

Fantastic Palace - what is wrong with you

Scott walker - the big hurt

I signori Della galassia - vulcano

Fantastic palace - magenta gas cloud

Fantastic Palace - penrose reptiles

Faust - just a second (starts like that)

Black derma - Cynthia-Ruth 

Faust -The sad skinhead

The velvet underground - after hours

ELO - when time stood still

The ex - the early bird's worm