Dandruff Brothers

Charlie and Marius discuss curing meats, education, Heaven's Gate, marketing synergy, cryogenic sleep, tooth polish and much more.


Vanity 6 - If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)
Prince - Head

Negativland - The Greatest Taste Around
Miles Davis - Willie Nelson (Insert 2)

Grapefruit - Feet Pics
Eroc - Chaotic Reaction

Sheila E - Oliver's House

Episode 04-07-16 "Gameyness Index"

This week Charlie and Marius discuss gamey milk, yarmulkes, Jim Morrison, tulip festivals, heroin ham sandwiches, dying in a bathtub, John Cougar Mellencamp, ALF, junkie cops and much more. 

Fatima Al Qadiri: Battery
Broadcast: Pendulum

Peter Green: Bottoms Up
Toncho Pilatos: Dejenla en paz (Let Her Be)

Orchestre Impala de Kigali: Ninde Undilije Umwana
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: The Romance of the Telescope

Black Moth Super Rainbow: Psychic Love Damage
Jeans Wilder: Evaporated

Sun City Girls: Esoterica of Abyssynia
Teenage Jesus Jerks: Burning Rubber (No New York)

Tony Allen with Africa 70: Progress

Episode 03-17-16 "Libertarian Cookbook"

This Week Charlie and Marius discuss child pageantry, sleep apnea warehouses, reptiles, John Mayer's soft skin, futility, SXSW, horse meat and much more. 


Junior and His Soulettes - Momma Loves Tequila
Carol - So Low

Lithics - Burn On Burn
Meat Puppets - Big House

Donna Summer - I Feel Love
Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky

Liquid Liquid - Optimo
The Flying Burrito Brothers - The Older Guys

The Flying Lizards - Her Story

Bauhaus - The Third Uncle

Episode 03-10-16 "Emphysema Menu"

This week Charlie and Marius take calls and discuss ham sandwiches, low-class guitar music, sleep apnea machines, Jerry Garcia's corpse, job advice, soup recipes, and much more. 

Regular Music: Beyond The Black Enigma
Pointer Sisters: Jump (For Love)
The Durutti Column: Sketch For Dawn
Odd Nosdam: Sisters (Boards Of Canada Remix)
Gershon Kingsley: Hey Hey

Episode 02-25-16 "Chloroform Den"

This week Charlie and Marius discuss, violent cocktails, meatloaf underpants,
Ronald Reagan, the second coming of Antonin Scalia, climbing higher and higher up the ladder of success, 
kissing with your mouth full, Billy Joel's new album, cornrows, Desert Storm cologne, 
Bay of Pigs Lotion, blood diets, chloroform dens and much more.

Need advice? Call us with your questions about love, health, finance, or legal trouble. Leave a message at 503-395-5031. 


Honky Tonk: Miles Davis
Goddess of Love: Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes

O King of Chaos: Julian Cope
Blesst Chest

Buildings: Roy Finch
The Sick Rose: David Axelrod

Thievery: Arca

I'd Rather Be Sleeping: D.R.I